Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today or Yesterday or whatever was the first day of the Coolest Sports Photography camp of the year, Sports Shooter Academy VII. We started with orientation in the morning and built our schedule for the week. I am super excited for the upcoming week and the events I am going to cover.

After building our schedule we broke for lunch and then attended one of three class workshops. I went to Fullerton College with Matt Brown and Jordan Murph and they showed us some cool relay tricks with multi maxes on a baseball field.

After breaking from our remote class, my roommates and I took a trip over to Sammy’s :D, I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. We got back to the hotel, had dinner, and at 8pm we gathered again for the SSA Annual Contest judging. Being able to witness that was a new experience. You get to see what they look for in a shot and their reasoning’s on why they chose the winning shots. It is always interesting to how people critique an image.

After a successful day one, I have already broadened my knowledge. And of course I wanted to thank Bo Aye for lending me a car and coming down at 11:30pm to fix it LOL. I owe him BIG TIME.

Its bed time for me and I have a busy day tomorrow. Nikon gear check out in the morning, portraits shoot with a gymnast and Matt Brown, and beach portrait shoot with Robert Hanashiro with some AVP players.

Images of my first day. Top is the evening then scroll down to the morning.

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  1. I'M glad you're having a good time. Pay attention!