Thursday, April 15, 2010


Sorry it has taken me a few days to post some images from Sports Shooter. It has be a crazy week being home with test, papers, and projects.

But the images below are a photo story of a 4x4 Relay team from Long Beach State. When I shot track and field, instead of looking at angles and what not, I walked up to all the teams’ tents and introduced myself. I wanted them to know who I was and didn’t want them to get nervous when I was around capturing the behind the scenes. I wanted them to feel comfortable with me; I believe that is when you are able to capture the moments.

Unfortunately they were DQ’ed because the last leg didn’t get the baton in time. But Thank you Nathan Alade, Richard Crawford, Nimrod Piggee and Samuel Jeter for letting me come in to their bubble and capture a story of brotherhood.

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