Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have an Itch

And it is an itch to ride. The weather here in New Mexico is playing games with everyone and it’s driving everyone nuts. It is warm or its cold and snowing, really no in-between. So last Saturday evening we all headed up to Matson’s place to ride his newly redesign pump track (he has a barn… jealous) since it was freezing a snowing out side. And it was really nice to be back on a bike until my skewer decided to fail. But overall it was a blast and riding season is just around the corner.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poor Cowboys

And I am not talking about the Dallas Cowboys. The University of Wyoming visited #12 New Mexico and it was no treat for the Cowboys. The Lobos started strong and ended strong running over the Cowboys 61-83 at The Pitt.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Way to Close for Comfort

This past weekend the San Diego Aztecs showed up to The Pitt in hopes of another win against the Lobos. The game was really dull (in my opinion) with not much going on. But Darington Hobson changed the mood when he scored a 63-foot shot from past half court at the sound of the half time buzzer.

The Lobos led most of the game until the last few minutes of the game when SDSU D.J. Gay put his game play in to over drive hitting some big shots and sending the game in to over time. The Lobos kept their composer and pulled a close win against the Aztecs 88-86 in overtime.

Winter Pump Track Madness

Hmmmm…… got to love New Mexico weather.

Last week some local riders and I headed down Bosque Farms to check the new pump track in Gerhardt Ackerman back yard. The weather was perfect out, mid 60’s and sunshine, but two days before it was 30 degrees out and snowing. You never know what the weather will be in Albuquerque any time of the year, but when the sun shines, the bikes go out and the skis/boards stay home.


My sister’s fiancĂ©, Seth Grant is an electronic art major at the University of New Mexico and I have to admit, he makes some pretty dang cool stuff. On Jan. 31 him and some classmates were showing of their newest creation at Black Market Goods Gallery with Live DJ of one of the creators Dylan Stevens-Sheriff . With some glow in the dark paint, plastic clear panels, LED lights, and darkness you were able to experience something new.


Again I apologize for the inconsistent post of blogs. School, shooting and studying does make the days go by quickly.

1/27/10: The #12 BYU Cougars visited the Lobos for the first time this season. Going in to the game the Lobos knew that BYU Jimmer Fredette was going to be a big threat. But with home court advantage the Lobos were able to defeat the Cougars 76-72.