Monday, April 12, 2010

SSA Day 3

The alarm is going off and I took a looked out side the hotel window and it was still dark outside. Only getting 4 hours asleep, I was up at 5 am to head to Huntington Beach to shoot some sunrise surfing.

On the reports were 1-to-2 swells and that was not looking good. Jose, Tommy and I showed up and there were already people in the water. It was overcast so I wasn’t sure if the light will break threw. As the minutes past I noticed the swells getting bigger and bigger and the surfers were slowly starting to show up. A predicted bad day turned in to a great day.
At 8 am the light started to go flat so we headed back to the hotel. Since Tommy and I had some time to kick it, we decided to take a field trip in to little Vietnamese town and get some delicious food. It was Tommy’s first time and it was a great treat for him.

After the delicious lunch we headed to U.C. Irvine to shoot track and field. I chose to shoot track and field in the after noon because I knew when the sun set, the light would golden. When I got there I wanted to do something different. I wanted to capture the behind the scenes of the athletes. Since I was hanging around the tents of the teams, I ended up getting to know some of the athletes. I worked my self in to a 4x4 relay team which ended up becoming a photo story that turned out really nice.

Track and field was over and it was time to edit. We all headed back to the hotel to edit and we all knew it was going to be a late night since everyone was so tired from waking up early. Everyone was exhausted and hungry by the time we were done and it was 12ish. Phil, Tommy and I headed up to In and Out Burger since I hadn’t had my In and Out yet and Tommy had never eaten their. Of course the food was delicious but it was time for bed.

I had another long and busy last day ahead of me with baseball at UC Irvine and a Speed Light class after.

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