Friday, January 1, 2010

Barely made it

Barely made it,

And I am not talking about Travis Pastrana jumping his rally car off the Long Beach Peir. Adam, Jared, Tom, Dan, and I tried to set sail west at 7 a.m. but was cut short when the battery light came on in the BMW. After we resolved that problem we soon found out that 40 was backed up due to a bad car accident near Grants, which closed both directions.

We bravely took our chances at around 8:30am, MST because we knew time was of the essence. The back up in Grants cost us about two hours and oh man that hurt us bad. We needed to be at media check in between 5 and 7 pm and the event was to go live at 8pm.

It was 6pm and we had just gotten to Victorville (100 miles to go). The panic was starting to set in wondering if we were actually going to make it. Thanks to Adams 100 mph driving skill threw the suburbs of LA we pulled in just past 7pm. Adam and I scrambled to the media tent and were relived to still be able to retrieve our passes.

The event went live at 8pm but the main jump wasn’t going to happen till 9pm. The crowd was INSANE!!!! People were fighting amongst each other over centimeters of space. After fighting people for an hour we finally got to where we needed to be.

With 30 minutes to spare we surely cut it way to short. The event was a success and defiantly witnesses a once in a lifetime opportunity. Happy New Years and my journey continue up north where I go visit my sister.


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